Our Vision

The Time Has Come For:
All Cancer Patients to Receive Treatments to Make Their Disease Manageable

Our vision is that all cancer patients have access to treatment that gives them good quality-of-life, low toxicity, and allows them to remain productive members of their community.  We know for this to happen we will need drugs that do not require cold-chain management or extensive medical infrastructure, can be prescribed at a clinic at low cost, and be taken in the comfort of their own homes.

We are encouraged by the success of initiatives such as the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS which helped more than halve the number of deaths and practically removed the stigma of the disease.  The number of people living with HIV has flat-lined within past three years. Today, nearly 60 percent of those with HIV receive treatment.  Less than a decade ago, only 21 percent of HIV patients received treatment—and nearly two decades ago, only 2.5 percent.

Cancer patients need no less – let’s galvanize the resources to awaken our vision!

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