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Our Vision

The Time Has Come For:
All Cancer Patients to Receive Treatments to Make Their Disease Manageable

Our vision is that all cancer patients have access to treatment that gives them good quality-of-life, low toxicity, and allows them to remain productive members of their community.  We know for this to happen we will need drugs that do not require cold-chain management or extensive medical infrastructure, can be prescribed at a clinic at low cost, and be taken in the comfort of their own homes.

We are encouraged by the success of initiatives such as the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS which helped more than halve the number of deaths and practically removed the stigma of the disease.  The number of people living with HIV has flat-lined within past three years. Today, nearly 60 percent of those with HIV receive treatment.  Less than a decade ago, only 21 percent of HIV patients received treatment—and nearly two decades ago, only 2.5 percent.

Cancer patients need no less – let’s galvanize the resources to awaken our vision!


Our Core Belief: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

There is a crippling disconnect in our nation’s healthcare system between basic research and utilizing this research in order to better diagnose and treat complex chronic diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry primarily focuses on developing new drugs that use unique New Molecular Entities (NME). Yet, numerous medicinal compounds already proven safe and efficacious are not being combined or used in new ways and tested in clinical trials.  ASSIST supports clinical trials to translate well-researched and documented drugs and compounds for new applications to treat complex chronic disease.

Recognizing The Power Of Collaboration

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